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From a community caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

The Carnoustie Butterfly - A symbol of hope

The Carnoustie Butterfly has emerged from the caterpillar which began life as a single stone. The first decorated stone was placed at the seafront in Carnoustie during the early stages of the 2020 Covid-19 Lockdown. In the months that followed, over 1460 more decorated stones were added as locals and visitors came together to share their collective support and experiences of living through a global pandemic.

It was with great pleasure that Seagreen attended the official unveiling of the Carnoustie Butterfly on Thursday 21 October. The stones that have been collected over time and have now been brought together forever to create the beautiful butterfly will be on display at Carnoustie beach next to the Sports Centre.

The project was made possible by some early funding from the Seagreen Community Benefit Fund issued in 2020 to support local communities with their response and recovery from the effects of Covid-19, along with funding from the NHS Innovation Fund.

More than 60 organisations and groups have been represented along with hundreds of the stones contributed by individuals and families.

Stakeholder Manager for Seagreen, Pauline Allison said:

“This is a fantastic and hugely community spirited display that it is absolutely worth going along to take a look at.

“The impact of coronavirus has been felt by so many throughout the country and we are delighted that funds from the Seagreen project along with funding from NHS Innovation Fund have been able to support this fantastic community project.”

For more information please click here:- The Carnoustie Butterfly Story


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