SSE - a leading developer of offshore wind

In September 2018, SSE purchased the 50% share of Seagreen Wind Energy Ltd owned by its then Joint Venture partner, Fluor Ltd, to take full ownership.


SSE is one of UK's largest energy companies.


Headquartered in Scotland, SSE is an experienced developer, owner and operator of renewable energy generation assets with offshore wind, onshore wind and hydro electric schemes at the core of its renewable energy activities.

Its offshore wind activities include:

Nine years of development

In 2010. The Crown Estate awarded Seagreen Wind Energy Limited the exclusive development rights for the Firth of Forth Zone of the UK's Round 3 offshore wind farm development programme.


The Zone is located approximately 25km off the Angus coastline, covering an area of around 2,850Km2 in the outer Firth of Forth.

Seagreen has since worked closely with stakeholders and undertaken extensive surveys and assessments to develop a number of projects within the Zone.  The Zone is being developed in two distinct phases

Phase 1 - Up to 1.5GW in the northern area of the Zone

Phase 2 - Up to 1.4GW in the south eastern area

In October 2014, Scottish Ministers gave consent for the development of Phase 1 with two offshore wind farms - Seagreen Alpha and Seagreen Bravo. 

The electricity generated by the Phase 1 wind farms would be delivered to a new onshore substation at Tealing (near Dundee) via subsea and underground cables for onward transmission on the national electricity transmission system.

Sensitively located

The location and layout of the Seagreen offshore wind farm proposals has included extensive assessment taking into account the potential impacts on marine wildlife, bird populations and landscape and visual.

The map shows the locations of the Seagreen Alpha and Seagreen Bravo development areas in the northern area of the Firth of Forth Zone.

This map shows the position of Seagreen Alpha and Seagreen Bravo in relation to other proposed offshore wind farm projects.

This map shows the export cable route from the site to the Tealing substation.


The electricity generated by Seagreen Alpha and Seagreen Bravo will be transmitted to the substation via subsea and underground cables.

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