Looking back at our milestones

We have already celebrated some significant milestones some of which are highlighted below.


15 year Contract for Difference (CfD) awarded by UK Government for 454MW.


Submitted details to Angus Council Planning Department with the aim of discharging the Matters Specified on the Planning Permission in Principle for the onshore cable route and the works at the Tealing substation.


Optimised application submitted to Scottish Ministers for similar, but improved, designs of the 2014 consented wind farms in the same area based on fewer, larger, higher capacity wind turbines than currently consented including a monopile foundation option.


Scottish Ministers approve application to remove the capacity limits.


Application submitted to Marine Scotland to vary the 2014 consents to remove the consented capacity limits to recognise the advances in offshore wind turbine technology and allow the installation of higher capacity wind turbines.


The consents awarded in 2014 were confirmed following legal challenge by the RSPB.


Scottish Ministers awarded consent for Seagreen Alpha and Seagreen Bravo..


Angus Council granted in principle an application for the Onshore Transmission Asset (the infrastructure required from landfall at Carnoustie to a new substation at Tealing).


Applications submitted by Seagreen Alpha and Seagreen Bravo (on behalf of Seagreen) for development consent to construct and operate two offshore wind farms (and associated infrastructure) within the Firth of Forth Development Zone.


Seagreen Wind Energy Ltd awarded exclusive development rights to the Firth of Forth Round 3 Offshore Wind Farm Development Zone (Zone 2) by the Crown Estate.

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