The Seagreen 'library'

Big infrastructure projects like Seagreen require a lot of information, particularly during the development and planning stages.

Our library is where you can find important project documents (or links where they are available on external websites).

EMF Information Sheet

Seagreen has prepared an Information Sheet on the topic of Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF's).  

July 2019 - Matters Specified

Seagreen submitted details to Angus Council Planning Department with the aim of discharging the Matters Specified on the Planning Permission in Principle for the onshore cable route and the works at the Tealing substation.

The link takes you to the Angus Council Planning website.

May 2019 Addendum to the Seagreen Optimised Application

September 2018 Optimised Application

Statement of Reasons – The Firth Of Forth Offshore Wind Farm Phase 1 (Onshore Infrastructure Works) Compulsory Purchase Order 2019

Seagreen have published their Statement of Reasons for use of compulsory purchase powers.  This formal document sets out the case for using compulsory powers, whilst recognising that Seagreen remain committed to voluntary negotiations where possible.  A copy of it is available for download.  Details of who to contact with any questions are given at the end of the document.

February 2018 - Public Exhibition Information Boards

Phase 1 Revised Onshore Non-Technical Summary (NTS), June 2016

Phase 1 Zone Appraisal and Planning Update 2

Phase 1 Onshore Non Technical Summary (NTS), May 2013

Phase 1 Offshore Addendum Non-Technical Summary (NTS), October 2013

Phase 1 Offshore Non Technical Summary (NTS), October 2012

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*1.62 million homes powered per annum based on Typical Domestic Consumption Values (Medium Electricity Profile Class 1, 2,900kWh per household; OFGEM, January 2020), typical 50% wind load factor, and projected installed capacity of up to 1.1GW. Two-thirds of homes in Scotland based on Household Estimates Scotland 2019 (National Records of Scotland, June 2020). Quoted 2.23m t/CO2 reductions per annum based on expected annual output against average 446 t/CO2 per GWh (BEIS Digest of UK Energy Statistics, July 2020). Quoted removal of cars based on projected annual carbon abated and calculated against recorded average of 5.89m t/CO2 by cars on roads in Scotland in 2017 (Carbon Account for Transport 2019, Transport Scotland).

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