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Carnoustie Beach Clean

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Once operational, Seagreen offshore wind farm will be at the forefront of Scotland’s efforts to tackle the climate change challenge. But, in the meantime, the Seagreen team has found another way to help make the Angus coastline a little bit more green by helping out at a local beach clean.

SSE Renewables, the leading renewable energy company developing and constructing Seagreen offers its employees the chance to use one working day a year to volunteer for a project close to their heart.

Known as a ‘Be the difference’ day, several members of the Seagreen team and their families hit the Carnoustie beach on Saturday 14 September to be part of a dedicated beach cleaning effort led by local group, East Haven Together.

Lis Royle, Lead Consents Manager said: “It’s fantastic to be here today doing our small bit to make a difference to the Angus coastline which is set to become our home for years to come.

“We know our project will make a significant contribution to helping Scotland achieve net zero carbon emissions, but the ongoing climate crisis is much bigger than that. The good work that East Haven Together is carrying out can make such a positive impact to the local area and stops more rubbish ending up back in the sea, plus it's been a great day out.

“I’d really encourage everyone to have a look at what you can do help keep our beaches and waterways clean.”

Wendy Murray from East Haven Together said: “I’m delighted Team Seagreen are supporting the Great Angus Beach Clean. It is an example of how businesses and large organisations can work alongside communities to help tackle environmental issues. We are extremely grateful for the support provided by Seagreen".

Seagreen will be Scotland’s largest ever offshore windfarm and represents one of the most significant construction projects in Scotland. Located 27km off the Angus coastline at its closest point, Seagreen could provide enough renewable energy to power up to 1.2 million homes - almost half of all households in Scotland. The project is currently participating in the UK's Contracts for Difference Auctions with results expected late September.


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