Balhungie variation application

Our proposal

We are considering seeking planning permission for a short section of alternative onshore cable route on land between the A930 and Balhungie Farm to that approved under the current planning consent.

The approved onshore cable route was, at the time of development, considered to be the best route in terms of environmental, technical and economic factors. The consented route was agreed in consultation with Angus Council, statutory consultees and affected parties. However, further dialogue with the landowner of Balhungie Farm has resulted in a request to amend the approved route through the farm to further minimise potential impacts on farm operations. The proposed alternative route will also provide a better angle to cross a high pressure gas pipeline which crosses through the consented route.

Under normal circumstances, we would hold a public exhibition in a local venue, but the Covid-19 pandemic and the associated Government guidance means that we are unable to hold such an event.


Therefore, we are presenting our proposal information here, with the consultation information boards now available for download and inspection as well as maps and other information.

Consultation Materials

Our consultation information boards and detailed maps are available for inspection and download below.  For ease, we have provided the boards individually (there are 12 in total) and any corresponding maps adjacent to the relevant board.

We have provided a complete set of consultation boards as one document (the first file below) and under that each board is available separately for ease.

As we are unable to meet with you and other interested parties face to face, we hope that we have provided enough information about our proposal and the work that will take place during cable installation.

We recognise that we may not have answered all of your potential questions or concerns. If you would like to speak to a member of the project team, please in the first instance contact:

Pauline Allison, Stakeholder Engagement Manager - / 07880 180662

In addition, we would be grateful if you could spend a few minutes completing the Consultation Questionnaire which is now an online form, provided via the Google Forms service.  The link to the Questionnaire is below the consultation information boards.

If you have any difficulties accessing the materials (which are in the widely accessible PDF format), please contact Pauline Allison, details above.

Live consultation event - Monday 13 July 2020

We will be holding a live online YouTube session between 6pm and 8pm on Monday 13 July 2020

We hope you will be able to join us to meet the team, find out more about our proposal and ask questions.

Questions can be submitted directly through YouTube, text or email during the event.  Information on how to submit questions will be displayed on screen.

If you would like to submit questions beforehand, please email them to our Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Pauline Allison :

To take part, please click the button to the right anytime between 6pm and 8pm on Monday 13 July 2020.


The session will open up in a new window.

  • YouTube

Link to live session

Info Board 1 thumbnail.JPG

Boards 1 - 12

Full set of information boards

Info Board 1 thumbnail.JPG

Board 1


Header board with no proposal information

Info Board 2 thumbnail.JPG

Board 2


Introduction to the Seagreen Offshore Wind Farm development

Info Board 3 thumbnail.JPG

Board 3


Introduction to the SSE Renewables and Total, developers of Seagreen in a Joint Venture Partnership

Info Board 4 thumbnail.JPG

Board 4


Overview of the onshore contruction element of the Seagreen development

Map CR1

Info Board 5 thumbnail.JPG

Board 5

Introduction to our Balhungie cable route variation proposals


Map BVR1

Map BVR2

Info Board 6 thumbnail.JPG

Board 6

An overview of the onshore cable installation works

Map CR1

Info Board 7 thumbnail.JPG

Board 7

An overview of the onshore cable installation works

Info Board 8 thumbnail.JPG

Board 8

Information about the mitigation measures that will be undertaken during construction

Info Board 9 thumbnail.JPG

Board 9

Additional information about mitigation measures that willl be undertaken during construction

Info Board 10 thumbnail.JPG

Board 10

Information about the benefits that the Seagreen development will bring locally, to Scotland and the wider UK.

Info Board 11 thumbnail.JPG

Board 11

Next steps in the planning process

Info Board 12 thumbnail.JPG

Board 12

Contact us and keeping in touch

Consultation Questionnaire

We welcome any feedback you might have about our proposed cable route variation at Balhungie.


For ease, we have developed a short questionnaire via the Google Forms service which can be accessed by clicking the button below.


Feedback can be anonymous if you choose, but please remember to leave your email and/or telephone contact details if you would like to be contacted in relation to any questions you leave on the questionnaire.


Please note that your comments will be considered as part of the development of these proposals by Seagreen Offshore Wind Farm Ltd.

Please refer to information board 11 for more information about the next steps.


You will be given further opportunity to comment directly to the planning authority as part of the statutory consultation period should we submit a planning application. In the event of a submission we will advertise the details in the local press and on the project website.

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