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Tealing Substation Consent

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Seagreen Wind Energy Ltd (SWEL) is delighted to confirm that on Wednesday 22 January we received detailed planning consent from Angus Council for the Tealing substation zone.

There are two pieces of work required at the existing Tealing substation. In order to accommodate the Seagreen Wind Farm capacity requirements it is necessary for SSEN Transmission to expand and upgrade the existing Tealing transmission substation. It is also necessary for SWEL to construct a new substation to receive the SWEL connections.

More information can be found below about the two Tealing substation sites which are both located within the red line boundary map shown here:-

Tealing Substation Extension - These works are an extension to the footprint of the existing site in order to facilitate the new Seagreen connection to the national grid. These works are being undertaken by the transmission operator SSEN Transmission and their Principal Contractor Siemens. Some works have already commenced under their Permitted Development Rights. There will be no articulated lorries accessing or exiting the site through the village of Tealing.

To confirm, these works are under the control of SSEN Transmission. Any queries should be directed to Louise Anderson, Community Liaison Manager either by email at or by mobile on 07384 454233.

New Tealing Substation – These works are under the control of SWEL which is currently wholly owned by SSE Renewables. The intention is for the enabling works to commence in the following weeks. As above, there will be no construction traffic going through the village of Tealing. Please see a map below which shows the main access and exit routes to be used during construction. The intention is for these works to complete in Autumn 2021. Further information will be shared once we have a more defined programme plan in place.

For ease of reference please find a link here to the Angus Council Planning website where you can view the relevant Seagreen documents. If you have any queries or questions about this application and/or the construction works then please contact Pauline Allison, Project Liaison Manager on or by phone on 07880 180 662.

Traffic Management - A Traffic Management Plan will be in place during the construction phase, this will include clear construction traffic detail and speed restrictions along the A90.

Cable Route and Landfall - SWEL intend to re-submit updated Matters Specified Applications to Angus Council during February for the underground cable corridor which will run approximately 19km from landfall at Carnoustie to Tealing. These will be very similar to the application extensively consulted on and received positively last year, and will include new mitigation measures which have been put in place along the route following positive discussions with landowners and key stakeholders.

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