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Seagreen welcomes Montrose Coastguard Rescue Officers to Operations & Maintenance Base

Members of the Seagreen team were pleased to host a visit for the Montrose Coastguard Rescue Officers at the projects Operations and Maintenance (O&M) base situated at Montrose Port, last week.


The visit included a trip to the Marine Control Centre where guests got to see first-hand how Scotland’s largest and the world’s deepest fixed bottom wind farm is co-ordinated and controlled safely to ensure the smooth operation of all 114 wind turbines. 

This was followed by a tour on the purpose-built Service Operations Vessel (SOV), the Edda Brint, with Captain Grant taking the time to lead the tour around the vessel which will allow technicians to perform operations and maintenance to Seagreen’s offshore wind turbines. 

Following the SOV tour the Rescue Officers were then brought back into the O&M base for an informal presentation on the project which covered information about the construction and the operational set up. 


Pauline Allison, Seagreen Stakeholder Engagement Manager said:  

“It was great to have the Rescue Officers on site.  Due to the nature of their work, they are naturally inquisitive about the process and the set up here at Seagreen.  We’re always eager to host groups and visits like this as it allows us to build those important and long-lasting relationships and enables us to showcase our project which we are extremely proud of.” 


Jen Crews, Vestas Operations Dispatcher said:  

“We were delighted to welcome the HM Coastguard team from Montrose to the Seagreen O&M Base to show where the onshore operations for the wind farm are managed from, and onboard the Edda Brint to share where the teams live and work whilst offshore. Visits like this are vital to building valuable relationships with local representatives and organisations, and they are a great opportunity to highlight all of the work which goes in to keeping Seagreen's turbines spinning!” 


Calum Christie, HM Coastguard Area Commander (North East Scotland) said:   “I’d like to thank Seagreen for this opportunity to find out more about their work. With the increasing development of the renewable energy infrastructure within the North East it’s vital that our volunteer Coastguard Rescue Teams are able to gain an insight into this important field and the considerations for search and rescue operations.”   


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