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Nearshore Geotechnical Survey

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Seagreen Wind Energy will be conducting a nearshore Geotechnical Survey within the Seagreen export cable corridor. The planned Ground Investigation (GI) works will involve borehole sampling at nearshore locations on the export cable route and are to support the Seagreen wind farms export cable landfall installation design at Carnoustie.

The survey work is being undertaken by Fugro and will be conducted from a Jack Up Barge – Fugro SKATE III.

The survey area lies in the nearshore area within 1 km of mean high water springs (MHWS).

Survey Vessel – Fugro SKATE III

The Fugro SKATE III jack up barge is operated by Fugro Seacore Ltd. The Skate III will require a support vessel to tow it into position from the Port of Dundee, but once on site is able to move position under her own power. Operations are anticipated to be conducted on a 24hr basis, with 12hr crew changes being conducted by a small RIB.

Works are expected to commence during the 4th week of April, weather permitting and will take approximately 4-6 days to complete, again weather permitting.


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