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Compound set up works to begin at Carnoustie

We are pleased to confirm that as of Monday 3 August 2020 we are due to begin some early compound set up works at Carnoustie. These works come ahead of the installation of our onshore underground cable route which is currently programmed to start late August/early September.

This early work will involve the setting up of a construction compound adjacent to the Carnoustie Links Golf Club as shown in the grey box on the map below:-

The construction compound work will take around a month to complete and will include the following:

· Fencing off the compound area

· Creation of a level hardstanding on which to create the compound

· Delivery and set up of site welfare facilities and other compound infrastructure

Employee parking will be contained within the compound which will also have 24 hour security and CCTV cameras in place. We are also pleased to confirm that all construction traffic is to arrive on site from the south and therefore should not be coming through the town of Carnoustie.

Cable Route

Under normal circumstances Seagreen would hold Public Information Exhibitions in local halls to discuss the plans and programme around the construction works. However, as face to face engagement is unfortunately not possible during the COVID-19 emergency, we will instead be undertaking a combination of postal, newspaper, web and telephone based engagement in order to raise awareness of the upcoming works and create various platforms so that local residents and interested parties can engage with the project team and ask any questions or share any concerns.


SSE Renewables are fully committed to minimising the impact of coronavirus while we continue to deliver critical green infrastructure, including work on Seagreen.

The wellbeing of our employees, contractors and the local community continues to be our number one priority and all work is being undertaken in line with government guidance.

All activities are being and will continue to be actively risk assessed with mitigation measures being put in place as needed. This includes implementing many extra preventative hygiene measures and social distancing where possible. We are keeping all works under review in tandem with evolving government advice.

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