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Residents in the small Angus village of Wellbank are celebrating after receiving a six-figure award from the Seagreen Wind Energy Community Benefit Fund.

The £120,000 award will be used to build a new playpark for local children at the busy Wellbank Hall, which is the focal point for the local community.

As part of the delivery of the Scotland’s largest offshore wind project, Seagreen Wind Energy Limited, the Seagreen Community Benefit Fund was established which aims to benefit communities located in the Angus area.

The current playpark was used by local families and, although maintained regularly, the equipment hasn’t been upgraded for years. When local parents heard about the possibility of applying for funding from Seagreen, they carried out an extensive consultation in the area to make sure everyone had their say, including the children.

Local resident and hall committee member Genna Millar explains:

“During lockdown, the fact that people were trapped in their area with nothing to do for the children hit home hard – people really needed and wanted a change. The hall and playpark is a focal point in the community but there are people in the village who played on the current equipment when they were children, and they were now bringing their grandchildren out to play on it!”

Seagreen Community Investment Manager, Craig Mullen added:

“This community had a clear idea of what they needed and as soon as we saw their application and dedication to deliver, the local panel wanted to help. This project will build a legacy for Seagreen in the area and hopefully be enjoyed by many families in the years ahead.”

Work is now underway to install the new equipment, some of which is made from recycled fishing nets, and the playpark should be open in time for the Easter holidays.


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