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Landfall cable works

Landfall works overview

The electricity generated by the Seagreen wind turbines will be transmitted via subsea cables around 40km to the shoreline just south of Carnoustie.  The subsea cables will be connected to underground cables which will take the electricity a further 19km to the new substation at Tealing.

The maps show in more detail the extent of the works that are being undertaken at the landfall point and the route that the cable installation works will take at the southern edge of the Carnoustie Golf Links.

Carnoustie Golf Links Works

The installation of the underground cables at the Buddon Links Course is being undertaken with the greatest care, ensuring that disruption is kept to the minimum that is safely possible.

Once complete, the ground will be reinstated and reseeded in accordance with the agreed reinstatement plan.

Due to the nature of the works required and to protect the workforce and members of the public, our contractors have installed temporary fencing and warning signage to mark out the boundaries of the route and create a segregated safe work zone.

In addition, there will be some temporary closures of the Core Path.  The extent and timing of these closures have been set out in the project's Access Management Plan and these will alos be agreed with Angus Council.  There may be occasion when the closures are extended for reasons beyond our reasonable control.

Our contractors have used a ploughing technique, which involves a specially designed chute and blade, to install the ducting in to the ground.  Ploughing works by using the blade to open the ground up whilst simultaneously installing the ducting in a continuous movement.  This minimises the extent of the excavation required to install the ducts compared to other techniques.

The works are being undertaken in close consultation with Carnoustie Golf Links through the appointment of a specific Clerk of Works who will be the main liaison between Seagreen Wind Energy Ltd, Carnoustie Golf Links and our contractors.

Enquiries about Carnoustie Golf Links closures should be directed via email to:

The maps below show the extent of the works at the landfall area.

Seagreen strip topper green and blue.png
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