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Onshore Scoping

Seagreen intends to develop the 3.5GW capacity of the Zone in three phases, with Phase One in the northern area of the Zone being developed first. Two wind farms will be developed in Phase One: Seagreen Alpha and Seagreen Bravo with a combined capacity of up to 1075MW. A scoping document for the offshore works and export cable route from the zone to the mainland was produced in July this year and we have began a number of studies to inform the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

In a separate exercise we intend to undertake a full EIA in support of the Onshore Grid Connection Works including the export cables from the coastline to Tealing substation in Angus and the construction of a new converter substation. To officially commence this EIA process, Seagreen has produced a scoping document which sets out Seagreenís current plans for these onshore works.

Scoping Report

The aim of the scoping exercise is to assist the developer in identifying the key environmental issues surrounding a proposed development in order to inform the Environmental Impact Assessment which identifies the environmental effects of development proposals and aims to prevent, reduce and offset any adverse impact

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What is included?

The report presents an outline of the existing baseline conditions, a preliminary identification of the proposed developmentís potential impacts and the approach being proposed for the EIA with regard to the following environmental parameters:

  • Ecology and Nature Conservation;
  • Geology, Soils and Waste;
  • The Water Environment;
  • Landscape and Visual Impact;
  • The Historic Environment;
  • Traffic and Access;
  • Noise and Vibration;
  • Air Quality; and
  • Socio-Economics, Recreation and Land Use.

Next Steps

Seagreen will proceed to undertake a full Environmental Impact Assessment prior to submitting applications for consent to Scottish Ministers for Phase One in 2012. During this time the Seagreen team will be working closely with statutory and non statutory bodies and holding public exhibitions. If consented, construction of Phase One is planned to begin in 2015.