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Offshore Scoping - Phases 2 and 3

Seagreen plans to develop the Zone in three phases, with Phases Two and Three in the centre and southern areas of the Zone as indicated in the map below.  The Phases cover an area of approximately 1680km2 and lie approximately 25km from the east coast of Scotland at the closest point.  It is anticipated that there will be five wind farms in the two areas.  Phase 2 is planned to comprise three wind farms, Seagreen Charlie, Seagreen Delta and Seagreen Echo with Phase 3 having two wind farms, Seagreen Foxtrot and Seagreen Golf.  The total installed capacity is anticipated to be up to 2.6GW and will comprise a significant portion of the total target capacity for the entire Firth of Forth Zone which is 3.5GW. 

Scoping Report

Seagreen intends to undertake full Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) in support of all of the offshore wind farms and associated offshore export cable routes. In order to formally commence the EIA process, Seagreen has produced a scoping document.

The aim of the scoping exercise is to assist the developer in identifying the key environmental issues surrounding a proposed development in order to inform the Environmental Impact Assessment which identifies the environmental effects of development proposals and aims to prevent, reduce and offset any adverse impact.

Click here to download the Scoping Report.

What is Included?

  • Physical Processes
  • Nature conservation designations 
  • Ornithology 
  • Ecology marine, intertidal and terrestrial 
  • Fish and Shellfish Resources
  • Marine Mammals 
  • Commercial Fisheries 
  • Shipping and Navigation 
  • Seascape, Landscape and Visual Character 
  • Archaeology and cultural heritage 
  • Radar, Aviation and MOD 
  • Water and sediment quality 
  • Socio-economics 
  • Tourism and recreation 
  • Oil and gas activities 
  • Pipelines and cables 
  • Dredging and disposal 
  • Traffic and Access 
  • Noise and Vibration 
  • Air Quality

Onshore Development

Seagreen intends to scope the onshore works associated with Phase 2 and 3 from landfall to grid connection in a separate exercise at a later date.  The Scoping Report for these works will be provided on this website when the work is completed.

Next Steps

Seagreen will proceed to undertake a full Environmental Impact Assessment prior to submitting applications for consent to Scottish Ministers for Phase Two in 2014 and Phase 3 in 2016. During this time the Seagreen team will be working closely with statutory and non statutory bodies and holding public exhibitions. If consented, construction of Phase Two is planned to begin in 2016 and Phase 3 in 2018.